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Serbian Language Links

Online Translation
Google Language Tools - Statistics-based machine translation.
The Serbian School - Free online language course. By Stan Smiljanic.
Bosnian, Serbian & Croatian Tutorial - Clear elementary guide to Serbo-Croat. By Jennifer Wagner.
Serbian Lessons - Downloadable pdf's of phrases & grammar. By Larisa Zlatic.
Handbook of Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian - Comprehensive reference grammar in pdf. By Wayles Brown & Theresa Alt for SEELRC.
Intensive Introductory Serbian/Croatian - This language course syllabus includes useful course materials lower down the page. By Professor Danko Šipka.
Sensagent - Wordnet based dictionary/thesaurus by Memodata.
English-Serbian-Dictionary - Best on-line dictionary, but limited vocabulary. By Ectaco.
Englesko-hrvatski rječnik - Browsable dictionary. Good for technical terms, but can be unreliable. By Goran Igaly.
Wiktionary Serbian-English - A growing collabarative dictionary.
Serbo-Croatian - English Dictionary - Browsable dictionary. Large vocabulary but disorganised. By Websters.
Englesko-srpski rečnik - Throws up multiple options indiscriminately. Hosted by Krstarica.
Easy Croatian Phrasebook - Downloadable pdf phrases. By the Croatian Language School.
Intentional Phrases Inventory - Guide to phrases used in discussion. By Professor Danko Šipka.
Military Serbo-Croat - Useful for subduing civilians.
BBC Serbian - Written and spoken news reports.