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Accessing the special Serbo-Croat characters in Mac OSX

The easiest way to type the special characters used in Serbian is with the Character Palette. This needs to be made available in the menu. To do this, open System Preferences and click on International. Now go to Input Menu and tick 'Character Palette' so that it will appear on the menu. Also, if there is a box called 'Show input menu in menu bar' then tick that as well:

Close System Preferences. The character palette is now available on the input menu, somewhere to the right of the help menu. The menu will appear as a small grey icon or as a flag:

Open the palette, and choose 'Unicode Blocks', then you can find the characters under 'Latin Extended-A'. Click on each character that you will want to use and add it to Favorites by clicking the 'Add to Favorites' button:

The characters dž, lj, and nj are in the block 'Latin Extended-B' but are best avoided as not many fonts currently support them (Jan 2005), and anyway they can all be typed by using 2 characters.
Once the characters are in the Favorites section they can be inserted into a document by double-clicking them or by using the Insert button:

This palette is available to any program you are using: just go to the 'Show Character Palette' menu command and double-click the letter you need.

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