Global Warming Delays

Who is to blame for delaying action on the climate?
page date: June 2024
David Anderson
Period Who is to blame?
1896 - 1965 a scientist
Climate Scientists
A 70 year delay between observing the greenhouse effect and then realising it could be a problem for mankind.
Original research was in 1896 by Svante Arrhenius and climate scientists warned President Johnson in 1965.
1965 - 1978 a protestor
Environmental Campaigners
Opposing nuclear power.
This lead to the development of gas-fired power stations instead of nuclear causing increased carbon emissions.
1978 - 1990 oil refinery
Oil Companies
Opposing change. Promoting dissent and denying a problem even existed.
1990 - 2024 just stop oil protest
Virtue Signalling Activists
Blaming someone else - so why should anyone be concerned - it's always someone else's fault.

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