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Who kills the most foreigners - the Royal Air Force or the National Health Service?

David Anderson, May 2024, UK

The study period is Sept 2014 - Jan 2021, a total of just over six years. The period is chosen to coincide with available Ministry of Defence figures. During this period the NHS poached many doctors and nurses away from poorer countries with already dangerously severe shortages of health workers. [1]

raf logo raqqa in ruins
Bombing campaigns in Iraq and Syria.
Post-sortie analysis by the Ministry of Defence determines that 4066 enemy combatants and 1 civilian were killed. [2] 4,067
nhs logo nhs recruiting
Recruitment campaigns around the world.
Over this period there were about 33,000 hospital doctors of foreign nationality in the NHS. [3] Assuming on average a hospital doctor saves five lives per year, so over the period, 1,000,000 lifes could have been saved in their country of origin where their services were desperately needed. [4] 1,000,000


  1. For example figures for medical doctors per 10,000 people were 28 for the UK but only 7 for India and only 2 for Kenya. https://www.who.int/data/gho/data/indicators/indicator-details/GHO/medical-doctors-(per-10-000-population)
  2. https://aoav.org.uk/2021/latest-figures-show-raf-airstrikes-targeted-4369-militants-in-iraq-and-syria-since-2014-whilst-mod-maintains-claim-only-one-civilian-killed/
  3. https://researchbriefings.files.parliament.uk/documents/CBP-7783/CBP-7783.pdf
  4. Obviously this is a simplistic calculation and a true calculation would be enormously complicated but I believe it gives an insight into the sheer scale of excess deaths caused by the predatory behaviour of the NHS.

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Royal Air Force, BBC
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