Photos by David Anderson

Some Photos of Houses on the Bournville Estate in Birmingham
An enlightened 'Arts and Crafts' style suburb built at the start of the Twentieth Century in Birmingham by the Cadbury Family. The houses are mainly the designs of architect W.H.Harvey. Although the houses are plain, care has been taken in their composition and siting.
The book 'The model village and its cottages: Bournville.' by William Alexander Harvey is available for free from Kobo Books
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270 and 272 Mary Vale RoadTwo houses skillfully designed in the style of Voysey
274 Mary Vale RoadAn example of some of the prominent corner houses which have more interesting designs.
110 & 112 Bournville LaneTwo houses combined into a single composition by creating an apparently single gabled window on the party wall.
123 Bournville LaneAnother prominent corner house.
3 Laurel GroveI imagine the half-timbering is actually boarding applied to the face of brickwork.
84 & 86 Bournville LaneTwo of a group of four similar houses. Small groups of houses are used throughout the Bournville estate to create individuality and break up the repetition of the street.
21 & 23 Maple RoadA simple composition but nicely done, with the bedroom windows offset from the usual symmetry and a blank wall at first floor to emphasise the front door. The upstairs windows are in the sideways-facing gables.
20 Acacia RoadA nice composition of very different window types. Only the older Bournville houses have sliding sash windows.
24 Linden Road
23 & 25 Linden RoadTwo houses with similar plans, but nicely varied elevations making a subtle asymmetric composition.
30 Linden Road
64 Linden RoadThe middle one of a block of three with a curving roof.
1 Thorn RoadOne of a unique pair of corner semi's with carefully composed window and door positions.
3,5 & 7 Thorn RoadThree small houses.
20 Thorn Road
14 & 16 Beech RoadOne of the Bournville houses that have the eaves halfway up the bedroom window position. This is a particularly nice 'solution' to that 'problem'.
88 Bournville LaneAnother richer design for a corner site. slate roof this time. With my knowledge of architectural design, I can date this house to, let me see, I would say 1901.